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  • Kill Virus & Bacteria inside your vehicle
  • Integrated with PHILIPS Medical UV Germicidal Lamp for Effective Disinfection
  • AC-220V Dual Power Supply for Vehicle maintains constant UV output at 254 nm
  • Plug and Play , No Labor required for Sanitization.
  • Application: Personal Car | Ambulance | Cab ( Taxi ) | Bus | Commercial Vehicle | Goods Carrier

This MORA UV product is designed to reduce viruses, mold spores, yeast, and harmful bacteria such as Strep that can exist in the air and specifically on hard surfaces. Using Medical high-powered UV-C lamps to emit concentrated rays the machine is able to sterilize Vehicle insdie various surfaces. The system is especially useful because it eliminates harmful microbes without using harmful chemicals. The disinfection it provides is entirely ultraviolet light based.

Disinfect the Ambulance/Car/Bus or any other vehicle and your personnel, students, clients and patients.

Ambulances see their fair share of contamination. Some of it is the run-of-the-mill dirt and dirt from being used regularly but ambulances bring an additional component of medical and health related contaminants. Some of these contaminants can be very harmful to not only the staff but also to future passengers and patients.

The health risk to future occupants is why all ambulances must have regular and thorough cleaning of the instruments and surfaces. Nowadays though, with the rapid proliferation of antibiotic resistant bacteria, putting an ultraviolet layer of cleaning is a very worthwhile endeavor.
Our MORA UV 11W-44W UV Ambulance Disinfection System is designed to make UV disinfecting an ambulance easy and quick. The 44 watt system is the most powerful mountable system in the industry and running the light is very simple. Simply mount the unit in your desired location within the ambulance and plug it into your AC converter. Then when nobody is in the ambulance, simply hit the switch and let the power of the 253.7 nanometer ultraviolet light denature and destroy the DNA of harmful microorganisms.

Please be sure to never run the system when there are occupants in the ambulanc

MORA Ultra Violet ( UV ) Sanitizer use Philips UVC lamp. Philips Germicidal UVC (germicidal) lamps are slim double-ended used for air and surface disinfection units. These lamps offer almost constant UV output over their complete lifetime, for maximum security of disinfection and high system efficiency.


Model No 

Lamp No Length Wattage


Output Life
MR-UVC-11CR T5-1

A 244.1X1 mm

11.5X01 =11.5 W

34.0 V 2.6 Watt 9000 h


A 244.1X2 mm

11.5X02 =23.0 W

34.0 V 5.2 Watt 9000 h


A 244.1X3 mm

11.5X03 =34.5 W

34.0 V 7.8 Watt 9000 h


* Wattage is lamp watts only and does not include ballast loss.
* Ultraviolet output at 253.7 nanometers at 100 hours and 80 degrees Fahrenheit (approximate).

*Approximately 95% of the ultraviolet energy emitted from Philips germicidal lamps is at the mercury resonance line of 253.7 nanometers, the region of germicidal effectiveness most destructive to bacteria, mold and virus.

Specially Design to comply Guidelines of :

  • International Ultraviolet Association inc- UV Disinfection for COVID-19
  • IMA COVID update to run Clinic/Hospital
  • WHO-2019-nCOV-Hotels in accommodation sector
  • ISA National advisory on COVID Operation theater

Germicidal Ultraviolet rays are harmful to eyes and skin
For Safety compliance read operating manual carefully before using UVC sanitizer

*The Information and recommendation mentioned in this publication is based on data collected from various sources ( few reverence are enclosed in next page, please read and verify carefully before placing order.

100% certified product at mora

We took immense care and used advanced technology to build a worry free product. But just in case you have an issue, this product comes with an three months limited manufacturer warranty and amazing customer service.