Mora CQ42 Laptop battery 1 year


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The Mora Battery is a high performance quality product Certified by Bureau of Indian Standard (IS13252 Part-1: 2010 + AI: 2013) and complies with international safety standard worldwide. It offers a whopping 1 year warranty and is also the first indian manufactured battery to get the Bureau Of Indian Standard approval. It is designed in Taiwan and manufactured in India.

Bureau of Indian Standard Reg. No. R-85000671

Capacity: 4400 mah

Battery Type: Li-ion

Voltage: 11.1v

Warranty: 1 year

Covered in Warranty: Warranty of the Product is Limited to Failure and Manufacturing Defects

Not covered in warranty:

Warranty Does Not Cover Any External Accessories (Such As Battery, Cable, Carrying Bag), Damage Caused To The Product Due To Improper Installation By Customer, Normal Wear And Tear To Magnetic Heads, Audio, Video, Laser Pick-Ups And Tv Picture Tubes, Panel, Damages Caused To The Product By Accident, Lightening, Ingress Of Water, Fire, Dropping Or Excessive Shock, Any Damage Caused Due To Tampering Of The Product By An Unauthorized Agent, Liability For Loss Of Data, Recorded Images Or Business Opportunity Loss.

Designed For the following compatible models:


Hp Pavilion Dm4 Series, Hp Pavilion Dm4-1001tx, Hp Pavilion Dm4-1004tu, Hp Pavilion Dm4-1012tx, Hp Pavilion Dm4-1016tx, Hp Pavilion Dm4-1020tx, Hp Pavilion Dm4-1023tx, Hp Pavilion Dm4-1035tx, Hp Pavilion Dm4-1048tx, Hp Pavilion Dm4-1060ea, Hp Pavilion Dm4-1062nr, Hp Pavilion Dm4-1065dx, Hp Pavilion Dm4-1080ea, Hp Pavilion Dm4-1100eg, Hp Pavilion Dm4-1101tx, Hp Pavilion Dm4-1108tx, Hp Pavilion Dm4-1116tx, Hp Pavilion Dm4-1120tx, Hp Pavilion Dm4-1123tx, Hp Pavilion Dm4-1150ea, Hp Pavilion Dm4-1160eo, Hp Pavilion Dm4-1162sf, Hp Pavilion Dm4-1165dx, Hp Pavilion Dm4-1180ef, Hp Pavilion Dm4-1201us, Hp Pavilion Dm4-1221tx, Hp Pavilion Dm4-1265dx, Hp Pavilion Dm4-1277sb, Hp Pavilion Dm4-1301sg, Hp Pavilion Dm4-2000, Hp Pavilion Dm4-2033cl, Hp Pavilion Dm4-2055ca, Hp Pavilion Dm4-2060sf, Hp Pavilion Dm4t, Hp Pavilion Dm4t-1200 Cto, Compaq: Compaq 435 Notebook Pc, Compaq 436 Notebook Pc, Cq32, Cq42, Cq43, Cq56, Cq56z-200 Cto, Cq57, Cq62, Cq62z-200cto, Cq62z-300 Cto, Cq630, Cq72 Cq42-100 Series: Cq42-100, Cq42-106tu, Cq42-108tu, Cq42-130tu, Cq42-136tu, Cq42-137tu, Cq42-138tu, Cq42-167tx, Cq42-170tx, Cq42-174tx, Cq42-175tx Cq42-200 Series: Cq42-200, Cq42-224tu, Cq42-225tu, Cq42-271tu, Cq42-272tu, Cq42-294tx, Cq42-295tx Cq42-300 Series: Cq42-300, Cq42-301ax, Cq42-301tu, Cq42-302ax, Cq42-303tu, Cq42-304au, Cq42-304tu, Cq42-305au, Cq42-309ax, Cq42-310ax, Cq42-311au, Cq42-312au, Cq42-313au, Cq42-313ax, Cq42-320ca, Cq42-352tu, Cq42-353tu, Cq42-354tu, Cq42-354tx, Cq42-355tx, Cq42-356tx, Cq42-359tu, Cq42-360tu, Cq42-362tu, Cq42-365tu, Cq42-371tu Cq42-400 Series: Cq42-400, Cq42-400au, Cq42-400ax, Cq42-400tu, Cq42-401au, Cq42-401ax, Cq42-401tu, Cq42-402au, Cq42-402ax, Cq42-402tu, Cq42-403ax, Cq42-404au, Cq42-404ax, Cq42-404tu, Cq42-408la, Cq42-450tu, Cq42-450tx, Cq42-451tu, Cq42-452tu, Cq42-453tu, Cq42-455tu, Cq42-457tu, Cq42-459tu, Cq42-460tu, Cq42-461tu, Cq42-462tu, Cq42-463tu, Cq42-465tu, Cq42-467tu, Cq42-471tu Cq43-100 Series: Cq43-100, Cq43-101au, Cq43-101tu, Cq43-101tx, Cq43-102au, Cq43-102tu, Cq43-102tx, Cq43-103tx, Cq43-103tu, Cq43-104tu, Cq43-105tu, Cq43-106tu, Cq43-107tu, Cq43-108tu, Cq43-109tu, Cq43-111br, Cq43-111tu, Cq43-112br, Cq43-112tu, Cq43-113br, Cq43-114tu, Cq43-116tu, Cq43-160la, Cq43-170la, Cq43-171la, Cq43-172la, Cq43-173la, Cq43-174la, Cq43-176la, Cq43-177la, Cq43-178la Cq43-200 Series: Cq43-200, Cq43-200tx, Cq43-202tx, Cq43-203tx, Cq43-204tu, Cq43-204tx, Cq43-208tu Cq43-300 Series: Cq43-300, Cq43-300au, Cq43-300la, Cq43-300tu, Cq43-300tx, Cq43-301au, Cq43-301tu, Cq43-301tx, Cq43-302au, Cq43-302tu, Cq43-302tx, Cq43-303au, Cq43-303tx, Cq43-304au, Cq43-304tx, Cq43-305au, Cq43-305la, Cq43-305tu, Cq43-306au, Cq43-306tu, Cq43-307au, Cq43-307tu, Cq43-308au, Cq43-308tu, Cq43-308tx, Cq43-309au, Cq43-311tu, Cq43-314br, Cq43-325br, Cq43-350la, Cq43-351la, Cq56-100 Series: Cq56-100, Cq56-100sg, Cq56-100xx, Cq56-101sa, Cq56-101sg, Cq56-102ea, Cq56-102eg, Cq56-102sa, Cq56-102sg, Cq56-102tu, Cq56-103ea, Cq56-103eg, Cq56-103sa, Cq56-103sg, Cq56-104ca, Cq56-104sa, Cq56-105sa, Cq56-106ea, Cq56-106sa, Cq56-107sa, Cq56-108sa, Cq56-109wm, Cq56-110sa, Cq56-110us, Cq56-111ea, Cq56-111eg, Cq56-111sa, Cq56-111sg, Cq56-112ea, Cq56-112nr, Cq56-112sa, Cq56-113sa, Cq56-114eo, Cq56-115dx, Cq56-115eg, Cq56-115sa, Cq56-120sg, Cq56-122nr, Cq56-124ca, Cq56-129nr, Cq56-131sf, Cq56-132ef, Cq56-132sf, Cq56-133ef, Cq56-133sf, Cq56-134ca, Cq56-134ef, Cq56-134sf, Cq56-135ef, Cq56-135sf, Cq56-136sf, Cq56-142ef, Cq56-142sf, Cq56-148ca, Cq56-148sf, Cq56-154ca, Cq56-155ea Cq56-200 Series: Cq56-200, Cq56-200sg

100% certified product at mora

We took immense care and used advanced technology to build a worry free product. But just in case you have an issue, this product comes with an three months limited manufacturer warranty and amazing customer service.