The Mora Battery is a high performance quality product Certified by Bureau of Indian Standard (IS13252 Part-1: 2010 + AI: 2013) and complies with international safety standard worldwide. It offers a whopping 3 year warranty and is also the first indian manufactured battery to get the Bureau Of Indian Standard approval. It is designed in Taiwan and manufactured in India. Bureau of Indian Standard Reg. No R-85000671 Brand Mora Designed For  Samsung Chromebook Series 5 XE500C21, Samsung XE500C21, Samsung NP-E152, Samsung NP-E152-Aura T5750 Dajuan, Samsung NP-E172, Samsung NP-E172 Aura T5800, Samsung NP-E172-Aura T5800, Samsung NP-E172R, Samsung NP-E251, Samsung NP-E251 T4200 Esilo, Samsung NP-E252, Samsung NP-E257, Samsung NP-E271, Samsung NP-E272, Samsung NP-E352, Samsung NP-E372, Samsung NP-E452, Samsung NP-M60, Samsung NP-P210-AA01NL, Samsung NP-P210-BA01, Samsung NP-P210-BA02, Samsung NP-P210-BS01, Samsung NP-P210-BS02, Samsung NP-P210-BS04, Samsung NP-P210-BS05, Samsung NP-P210-HS01BE, Samsung NP-P210-Pro P8400, Samsung NP-P210-Pro P8400 Padou, Samsung NP-P210-XA01, Samsung NP-P210E, Samsung NP-P210I, Samsung NP-P410, Samsung NP-P460-42P, Samsung NP-P460-44G, Samsung NP-P460-44NP-P, Samsung NP-P460-44P, Samsung NP-P460-AA01, Samsung NP-P460-AA02, Samsung NP-P460-Pro P8600, Samsung NP-P460-Pro P8600 Pompeji, Samsung NP-P460I, Samsung NP-P480, Samsung NP-P500, Samsung NP-P500-Pro T7250, Samsung NP-P510, Samsung NP-P530, Samsung NP-P530 JA01, Samsung NP-P530 JA02BE, Samsung NP-P530-JA01, Samsung NP-P530-JA02BE, Samsung NP-P530I, Samsung NP-P560, Samsung NP-P560 AA02, Samsung NP-P560 AA03, Samsung NP-P560 AA04, Samsung NP-P560-52P, Samsung NP-P560-54G, Samsung NP-P560-54P, Samsung NP-P560-AA01, Samsung NP-P560-AA01NL, Samsung NP-P560-AA02, Samsung NP-P560-AA02BE, Samsung NP-P560-AA02NL, Samsung NP-P560-AA03, Samsung NP-P560-AA03BE, Samsung NP-P560-AA03NL, Samsung NP-P560-AA03UK, Samsung NP-P560-AA04, Samsung NP-P560-AA04NL, Samsung NP-P560-AA06NL, Samsung NP-P560-AA09, Samsung NP-P560-AA09NL, Samsung NP-P560-AA0A, Samsung NP-P560-AA0ANL, Samsung NP-P560-HS01BE, Samsung NP-P560E, Samsung NP-P560I, Samsung NP-P580, Samsung NP-P580 JA02, Samsung NP-P580-JA02, Samsung NP-P710-AA01BE, Samsung NP-P710-Pro T6400 Pacco, Samsung NP-P710I, Samsung NP-Q210, Samsung NP-Q210 AS01, Samsung NP-Q210 AS05, Samsung NP-Q210 FS01, Samsung NP-Q210-AS01, Samsung NP-Q210-AS01NL, Samsung NP-Q210-AS02BE, Samsung NP-Q210-AS02NL, Samsung NP-Q210-AS03BE, Samsung NP-Q210-AS03NL, Samsung NP-Q210-AS04NL, Samsung NP-Q210-AS05NL, Samsung NP-Q210-Aura P8400, Samsung NP-Q210-Aura P8400 Terence, Samsung NP-Q210-Aura P8400 Torono, Samsung NP-Q210-FA01BE, Samsung NP-Q210-FA03DE, Samsung NP-Q210-FA04DE, Samsung NP-Q210-FS01NL, Samsung NP-Q210-FS02DE, Samsung NP-Q210-FS02NL, Samsung NP-Q210-FS03DE, Samsung NP-Q210-FS04DE, Samsung NP-Q210I, Samsung NP-Q310 Aura P7350 Macy, Samsung NP-Q310 Aura P8400 Malin, Samsung NP-Q310-34G, Samsung NP-Q310-34P, Samsung NP-Q310-AS04DE, Samsung NP-Q310-Aura P7350, Samsung NP-Q310-Aura P7350 Macy, Samsung NP-Q310-Aura P8400, Samsung NP-Q310-Aura P8400 Malin, Samsung NP-Q310E, Samsung NP-Q310I, Samsung NP-Q318, Samsung NP-Q318-DS01, Samsung NP-Q318-DS02, Samsung NP-Q318-DS09, Samsung NP-Q318-DS0G, Samsung NP-Q318-DS0H, Samsung NP-Q318-DS0J, Samsung NP-Q318-DS0K, Samsung NP-Q318-DS0Kp, Samsung NP-Q318-DSOE, Samsung NP-Q318E, Samsung NP-Q320, 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Sales Package 1 Laptop Battery Number Of Cells 6 Capacity 5200 mAh Battery Type Li-ion Color Black Model Id LI-4170


Charging Time Up to 3.5 hours
Voltage 11.1 V
Electric Energy 58 Wh