The Mora Battery is a high performance quality product Certified by Bureau of Indian Standard (IS13252 Part-1: 2010 + AI: 2013) and complies with international safety standard worldwide. It offers a whopping 3 year warranty and is also the first indian manufactured battery to get the Bureau Of Indian Standard approval. It is designed in Taiwan and manufactured in India.

Bureau of Indian Standard Reg. No. R-85000671

Brand Mora Designed For Hp Compaq G G50 Series: G G50-100, G50-100ea, G50-110ea, G50-100 Cto, G50-102nr, G50-103nr, G50-104ca, G50-104nr, G50-106nr, G50-108nr, G50-109nr, G50-111nr, G50-112nr, G50-113ca, G50-116ca, G50-118nr, G50-121ca, G50-122ca, G50-123nr, G50-124nr, G50-126nr, G50-201ca, G50-209ca, G50-211ca, G50-213ca, G50-215ca, G50-219ca, G50-212ca, G50-101xx, G50-102ca, G50-103ca, G50-113nr, G50-120ca, G50-133us, G50-114nr, Hp Compaq G G60 Series: G G60-100em, G60-101tu, G60-102xx, G60-103xx, G60-104ca, G60-104xx, G60-108ca, G60-114ea, G60-115em, G60-117em, G60-117us, G60-118em, G60-118nr, G60-119om, G60-120ca, G60-120em, G60-120us, G60-123cl, G60-125ca, G60-125nr, G60-126ca, G60-127cl, G60-128ca, G60-146ca, G60-100 Cto, G60-101ca, G60-115ea, G60-116ea, G60-116em, G60-119ea, G60-119em, G60-121ca, G60-121wm, G60-127nr, G60-129ca, G60-201tu, G60-202tu, G60-203tu, G60-208ca, G60-213em, G60-214em, G60-215em, G60-216em, G60-217em, G60-219ca, G60-219ea, G60-225ca, G60-228ca, G60-230ca, G60-230us, G60-231wm, G60-233ca, G60-233nr, G60-234ca, G60-235ca, G60-235dx, G60-235wm, G60-236us, G60-237nr, G60-237us, G60-238ca, G60-243cl, G60-243dx, G60-244dx, G60-247cl, G60-249ca, G60-249wm, G60-304ca, G60-324ca, G60-348ca, G60-414ca, G60-428ca, G60-430ca, G60-433ca, G60-438nr, G60-439ca, G60-440us, G60-441us, G60-442om, G60-443nr, G60-445dx, G60-447cl, G60-453nr, G60-458dx, G60t-200 Cto, G60-101xx, G60-201xx, G60-432nr, G60-437ca, G60-443cl, G60-454us, G60-418ca, G60-427ca, G60-468ca, G60-471nr, G60-501nr, G60-506us, G60-507dx, G60-508us, G60-511ca, G60-513nr, G60-519wm, G60-526nr, G60-530ca, G60-530us, G60-531ca, G60-531nr, G60-533cl, G60-535dx, G60-536nr, G60-538ca, G60-549dx, G60-550ca, G60-551ca, G60-552nr, G60-553nr, G60-554ca, G60-610ca, G60-619ca, G60-630ca, G60-630us, G60-633cl, G60-633nr, G60-634ca, G60-635dx, G60-637cl, G60-642nr, G60-645nr, G60-647nr, G60-657ca, G60t-500 Cto, G60t-600 Cto, G60-144ca, G60-245ca, G60-444dx, G60-546nr, G60-551nr, G60-100em, G60-101, G60-102, G60-103, G60-104, G60-105, G60-106, Hp Compaq G G61 Series: G G61-101tu, G61-102tu, G61-103tu, G61-104tu, G61-100ea, G61-100sa, G61-110ea, G61-110sa, G61-203tu, G61-204tu, G61-300ca, G61-301tu, G61-302tu, G61-304nr, G61-306nr, G61-320ca, G61-320us, G61-321nr, G61-322nr, G61-323ca, G61-327cl, G61-329ca, G61-336nr, G61-400ep, G61-400sl, G61-400sp, G61-401sa, G61-405el, G61-405sl, G61-406sa, G61-407sl, G61-408ca, G61-409ca, G61-410eb, G61-410ed, G61-410el, G61-410sa, G61-410si, G61-410ss, G61-415ea, G61-415el, G61-415es, G61-415sa, G61-415sb, G61-418eo, G61-420ca, G61-420ea, G61-420eb, G61-420ed, G61-420ef, G61-420si, G61-420sl, G61-420so, G61-420ss, G61-421so, G61-422so, G61-423ca, G61-423eo, G61-425el, G61-425es, G61-428ca, G61-429sa, G61-429wm, G61-430ef, G61-430eg, G61-430el, G61-430sb, G61-430sf, G61-430si, G61-430sl, G61-430ss, G61-435es, G61-435si, G61-435sl, G61-435st, G61-440ea, G61-440el, G61-440sg, G61-440ss, G61-440st, G61-445si, G61-448ca, G61-450ee, G61-450es, G61-450sg, G61-451ee, G61-452ee, G61-453ee, G61-454ee, G61-455ee, G61-455et, G61-456ee, G61-465sl, G61-511wm, G61-631nr, G61-632nr, G61-400ca, G61-438nr, G61-439nr, G61-202tu, G61-424ca, Hp Compaq G G70 Series: G G70-100, G70-105ea, G70-110ea, G70-110em, G70-111em, G70-111ea, G70-120ea, G70-120em, G70-212em, G70-213em, G70-246us, G70-250ca, G70-250us, G70-257cl, G70-258us, G70-450ca, G70-460us, G70-463cl, G70-467cl, G70-468nr, G70t-200 Cto, G70-201xx, G70-457ca, G70-481nr, G70t-100 Cto, Hp Compaq G G71 Series: G G71, G71-329wm, G71-333ca, G71-333nr, G71-339ca, G71-340us, G71-343us, G71-345cl, G71-347cl, G71-349wm, G71-351ca, G71-358nr, G71-430ca, G71-437ca, G71-441nr, G71-442nr, G71-445us, G71-447us, G71-448cl, G71-449wm, G71t-300 Cto, G71t-400 Cto, Hp Compaq Hdx Hdx16 Series: Hdx X16-1000en, X16-1000eo, X16-1001tx, X16-1001xx, X16-1002tx, X16-1003tx, X16-1004tx, X16-1005ea, X16-1005tx, X16-1006tx, X16-1007tx, X16-1008tx, X16-1009tx, X16-1010ea, X16-1010tx, X16-1011tx, X16-1012tx, X16-1013tx, X16-1014tx, X16-1015tx, X16-1025nr, X16-1040el, X16-1040er, X16-1040us, X16-1044nr, X16-1050ee, X16-1050ef, X16-1050et, X16-1050ev, X16-1056ca, X16-1060ed, X16-1060eg, X16-1060es, X16-1100eo, X16-1101ea, X16-1101eg, X16-1101tx, X16-1102tx, X16-1103tx, X16-1104tx, X16-1105tx, X16-1106tx, X16-1107tx, X16-1108tx, X16-1109tx, X16-1110tx, X16-1140us, X16-1150ef, X16-1155ca, X16-1155ee, X16-1160ed, X16-1160es, X16-1160us, X16t-1000 Cto, X16t-1100 Cto, X16-1111tx, X16-1145dx, X16-1160eb, X16-1160el, X16-1175ez, X16-1180ez, X16-1200en, X16-1200eo, X16-1201tx, X16-1202tx, X16-1203tx, X16-1204tx, X16-1205tx, X16-1250ef, X16-1255ee, X16-1258ca, X16-1260ed, X16-1260el, X16-1260es, X16-1275ea, X16-1280ea, X16-1280ez, X16-1299eb, X16-1300eo, X16-1310eg, X16-1330ef, X16-1350el, X16-1353ca, X16-1354ca, X16-1355ee, X16-1358ca, X16-1370us, X16-1375dx, X16t-1200 Cto, X16-1301tx, X16-1310ea, X16-1315ea, X16-1316ez, X16-1320eb, X16-1320ef, X16-1330eb, X16-1330et, X16-1340eb, X16-1350ef, X16-1350eo, X16-1360es, X16-1360ev, X16-1360ez, X16-1380ed, X16-1390el, X16-1001, X16-1002, X16-1002xx, X16-1003, X16-1004, X16-1101xx, X16t-1000, Hp Compaq Pavilion Dv4 Series: Dv4-1000, Dv4-1100, Dv4-1200, Dv4-1300, Dv4-1400, Dv4-1500, Dv4-1600, Dv4-2000, Dv4-2100, Dv4i-2100, Dv4t-1000, Dv4t-1100, Dv4t-1200, Dv4t-1300, Dv4t-1400, Dv4t-1500, Dv4t-1600, Dv4z-1000, Dv4z-1100, Dv4z-1200, Dv4-4000, Dv4-4100, Dv4-4200, Dv4-5100, Dv4t-4000, Dv4t-4100, Dv4t-4200, Dv4t-5100, Dv4-5000, Dv4-5200, Dv4-5a00, Dv4-5b00, Dv4t-5200, Dv4-3000, Dv4-3100, Dv4-3200, Hp Compaq Pavilion Dv4-1000 Series: Dv4-1000ea, Dv4-1000et, Dv4-1001ax, Dv4-1001tu, Dv4-1001tx, Dv4-1001xx, Dv4-1002ax, Dv4-1002tu, Dv4-1002tx, Dv4-1002xx, Dv4-1003ax, Dv4-1003tu, Dv4-1003tx, Dv4-1004ax, Dv4-1004tu, Dv4-1004tx, Dv4-1005tx, Dv4-1006tx, Dv4-1007tx, Dv4-1008tx, Dv4-1009tx, Dv4-1010tx, Dv4-1011tx, Dv4-1012tx, Dv4-1013tx, Dv4-1014nr, Dv4-1014tx, Dv4-1015tx, Dv4-1016tx, Dv4-1017tx, Dv4-1018tx, Dv4-1019tx, Dv4-1020tx, Dv4-1020us, Dv4-1021tx, Dv4-1022tx, Dv4-1023tx, Dv4-1024tx, Dv4-1025tx, Dv4-1026tx, Dv4-1027tx, Dv4-1028tx, Dv4-1028us, Dv4-1029tx, Dv4-1030ee, Dv4-1030ei, Dv4-1030ej, Dv4-1030en, Dv4-1030tx, Dv4-1031tx, Dv4-1032tx, Dv4-1033tx, Dv4-1034tx, Dv4-1035la, Dv4-1035tx, Dv4-1036tx, Dv4-1037tx, Dv4-1038tx, Dv4-1039tx, Dv4-1040ee, Dv4-1040ei, Dv4-1040tx, Dv4-1041tx, Dv4-1042tx, Dv4-1043tx, Dv4-1044tx, Dv4-1045tx, Dv4-1046tx, Dv4-1047tx, Dv4-1048tx, Dv4-1049tx, Dv4-1050ee, Dv4-1050el, Dv4-1050ep, Dv4-1050er, Dv4-1050tx, Dv4-1051tx, Dv4-1051xx, Dv4-1052tx, Dv4-1052xx, Dv4-1053tx, Dv4-1053xx, Dv4-1054tx, Dv4-1055tx, Dv4-1070ee, Dv4-1070ef, Dv4-1070er, Dv4-1070es, Dv4-1080ei, Dv4-1080eo, Dv4-1080es, Dv4-1090eo, Dv4-1090es, Dv4-1003xx, Dv4-1080el, Hp Compaq Pavilion Dv4-1100 Series: Dv4-1100ea, Dv4-1101tu, Dv4-1101tx Special Edition, Dv4-1102tu, Dv4-1102tx, Dv4-1103tu, Dv4-1103tx, Dv4-1104tx, Dv4-1105em, Dv4-1105tx, Dv4-1106ee, Dv4-1106em, Dv4-1106tx, Dv4-1107tx, Dv4-1108tx, Dv4-1109tx, Dv4-1110tx, Dv4-1111tx Special Edition, Dv4-1112tx Special Edition, Dv4-1113tx Special Edition, Dv4-1114tx Special Edition, Dv4-1115ef, Dv4-1115tx Special Edition, Dv4-1116tx, Dv4-1117ca, Dv4-1117tx, Dv4-1118ca, Dv4-1118tx, Dv4-1119tx, Dv4-1120tx Special Edition, Dv4-1120us, Dv4-1121tx, Dv4-1122tx, Dv4-1123tx, Dv4-1123us, Dv4-1124tx, Dv4-1125nr, Dv4-1125tx, Dv4-1126tx Special Edition, Dv4-1127tx, Dv4-1128tx, Dv4-1129tx, Dv4-1130tx, Dv4-1131tx, Dv4-1132tx, Dv4-1133tx, Dv4-1134tx, Dv4-1135ee, Dv4-1135ei, Dv4-1135tx, Dv4-1136tx, Dv4-1137tx, Dv4-1138tx, Dv4-1139tx, Dv4-1140go, Dv4-1140tx, Dv4-1141tx, Dv4-1143go, Dv4-1144us, Dv4-1145go, Dv4-1147cl, Dv4-1155se, Dv4-1166ca, Dv4-1199ea Special Edition, Dv4-1199es Special Edition, Dv4-1101tx, Dv4-1101xx, Dv4-1104tu, Dv4-1105ef, Dv4-1105tu, Dv4-1110eo, Dv4-1111tx, Dv4-1112tx, Dv4-1113tx, Dv4-1114nr, Dv4-1114tx, Dv4-1115tx, Dv4-1117nr, Dv4-1120br, Dv4-1120tx, Dv4-1121ca, Dv4-1123la, Dv4-1124la, Dv4-1124nr, Dv4-1125br, Dv4-1125la, Dv4-1126la, Dv4-1126tx, 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Edition, Hp Compaq Pavilion Dv4-1200 Series: Dv4-1201au, Dv4-1201tu, Dv4-1201tx, Dv4-1202au, Dv4-1202tu, Dv4-1202tx, Dv4-1203tu, Dv4-1203tx, Dv4-1204tu, Dv4-1204tx, Dv4-1205tu, Dv4-1205tx, Dv4-1206tu, Dv4-1206tx, Dv4-1207tu, Dv4-1207tx, Dv4-1208tu, Dv4-1208tx, Dv4-1209tx, Dv4-1210ea, Dv4-1210er, Dv4-1210tx, Dv4-1211ea, Dv4-1211tx, Dv4-1212tx, Dv4-1213tx, Dv4-1214tx, Dv4-1215ef, Dv4-1215tx, Dv4-1216tx, Dv4-1217tx, Dv4-1218tx, Dv4-1219tx, Dv4-1220tx, Dv4-1220us, Dv4-1221tx, Dv4-1222nr, Dv4-1222tx, Dv4-1223tx, Dv4-1224tx, Dv4-1225dx, Dv4-1225ee, Dv4-1225tx, Dv4-1226tx, Dv4-1227tx, Dv4-1228ca, Dv4-1228tx, Dv4-1229tx, Dv4-1230tx, Dv4-1231tx, Dv4-1232tx, Dv4-1233tx, Dv4-1234tx, Dv4-1235ee, Dv4-1235tx, Dv4-1236tx, Dv4-1237tx, Dv4-1238tx, Dv4-1239tx, Dv4-1240tx, Dv4-1241tx, Dv4-1242tx, Dv4-1243tx, Dv4-1244tx, Dv4-1245tx, Dv4-1246tx, Dv4-1247tx, Dv4-1248tx, Dv4-1249tx, Dv4-1250tx, Dv4-1251tx, Dv4-1252tx, Dv4-1253tx, Dv4-1265dx, Dv4-1275mx, Dv4-1280us, Dv4-1287cl, Dv4-1299ee, Dv4-1201tx Special 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Dv4-1307tx, Dv4-1308tu, Dv4-1308tx, Dv4-1309tu, Dv4-1309tx, Dv4-1310tu, Dv4-1310tx, Dv4-1311tu, Dv4-1311tx, Dv4-1312tu, Dv4-1312tx, Dv4-1313dx, Dv4-1313tu, Dv4-1313tx, Dv4-1314tu, Dv4-1314tx, Dv4-1315tu, Dv4-1315tx, Dv4-1316tu, Dv4-1316tx, Dv4-1317tu, Dv4-1317tx, Dv4-1318tu, Dv4-1318tx, Dv4-1319tu, Dv4-1319tx, Dv4-1320ca, Dv4-1320tx, Dv4-1321tx, Dv4-1322tx, Dv4-1322us, Dv4-1323tx, Dv4-1324tx, Dv4-1325tx, Dv4-1326tx, Dv4-1327tx, Dv4-1328tx, Dv4-1329tx, Dv4-1330tx, Dv4-1331tx, Dv4-1332tx, Dv4-1365dx, Dv4-1308ca, Dv4-1379nr, Hp Compaq Pavilion Dv4-1400 Series: Dv4-1401tu, Dv4-1401tx, Dv4-1402tu, Dv4-1402tx, Dv4-1403tu, Dv4-1403tx, Dv4-1404tx, Dv4-1405tx, Dv4-1406tx, Dv4-1407tx, Dv4-1408tx, Dv4-1409tu, Dv4-1409tx, Dv4-1412tx, Dv4-1413la, Dv4-1413tx, Dv4-1414la, Dv4-1414tx, Dv4-1416la, Dv4-1416tx, Dv4-1417ca, Dv4-1421la, Dv4-1423la, Dv4-1423tx, Dv4-1424la, Dv4-1424tx, Dv4-1425tx, Dv4-1427nr, Dv4-1428ca, Dv4-1428la, Dv4-1428tx, Dv4-1429tx, Dv4-1430us, Dv4-1431us, Dv4-1433cl, Dv4-1433sb, Dv4-1433us, Dv4-1435ca, Dv4-1435dx, Dv4-1444dx, Dv4-1454ca, Dv4-1465dx, Dv4-1404tu, Dv4-1411tu, Dv4-1412tu, Dv4-1415tu, Dv4-1419ca, Dv4-1421tx, Dv4-1428dx, Dv4-1430tx, Dv4-1432tx, Dv4-1436tx, Dv4-1437tx, Dv4-1438tx, Dv4-1442tx, Dv4-1443tx, Dv4-1434tx, Dv4-1412nr, Dv4-1406tu, Dv4-1407tu, Dv4-1408tu, Dv4-1410tu, Dv4-1413tu, Dv4-1414tu, Dv4-1425la, Dv4-1405tu, Dv4-1412la, Dv4-1415tx, Dv4-1419tx, Dv4-1420tx, Dv4-1422tx, Dv4-1426tx, Dv4-1427tx, Dv4-1435tx, Dv4-1402xx, Hp Compaq Pavilion Dv4-1500 Series: Dv4-1502tu, Dv4-1503tu, Dv4-1503tx, Dv4-1504tu, Dv4-1505tu, Dv4-1506tu, Dv4-1506tx, Dv4-1512tx, Dv4-1515tx, Dv4-1516tx, Dv4-1518tx, Dv4-1520br, Dv4-1520la, Dv4-1520tx, Dv4-1521la, Dv4-1521tx, Dv4-1522la, Dv4-1523la, Dv4-1523tx, Dv4-1524la, Dv4-1524tx, Dv4-1525la, Dv4-1526la, Dv4-1527tx, Dv4-1528la, Dv4-1528tx, Dv4-1530br, Dv4-1530ca, Dv4-1530tx, Dv4-1531tx, Dv4-1532tx, Dv4-1540us, Dv4-1541us, Dv4-1543sb, Dv4-1547sb, Dv4-1551dx, Dv4-1555dx, Dv4-1580br, Dv4-1504tx, Dv4-1508tx, Dv4-1509tx, Dv4-1511tx, Dv4-1514dx, Dv4-1517tx, Dv4-1526tx, Dv4-1529tx, Dv4-1548dx, Dv4-1548nr, Dv4-1550br, Dv4-1570br, Dv4-1502tx, Dv4-1513tx, Dv4-1534tx, Dv4-1501tu, Dv4-1501tx, Dv4-1507tu, Dv4-1507tx, Dv4-1510tx, Dv4-1514tx, Dv4-1519tx, Dv4-1522tx, Dv4-1525tx, Dv4-1533tx, Dv4-1570la, Dv4-1521a, Dv4-1551sx, Hp Compaq Pavilion Dv4-1600 Series: Dv4-1601tu, Dv4-1601tx, Dv4-1620br, Dv4-1621la, Dv4-1622la, Dv4-1623la, Dv4-1624la, Dv4-1626la, Dv4-1640br, Dv4-1601xx, Hp Compaq Pavilion Dv4-2000 Series: Dv4-2012br, Dv4-2012la, Dv4-2013la, Dv4-2014br, Dv4-2014la, Dv4-2016br, Dv4-2016la, Dv4-2020ca, Dv4-2040us, Dv4-2045dx, Dv4-2046nr, Dv4-2048ca, Dv4-2049wm, Dv4-2051xx, Dv4-2058nr, Dv4-2015br, Dv4-2025la, Dv4-2028la, Dv4-2030br, Dv4-2040br, Dv4-2041nr, Dv4-2049us, Dv4-2055br, Dv4-2060br, Dv4-2070br, Dv4-2080br, Dv4-2090br, Dv4-2047nr, Hp Compaq Pavilion Dv4-2100 Series: Dv4-2101tu, Dv4-2101tx, Dv4-2102tx, Dv4-2103tu, Dv4-2103tx, Dv4-2104tu, Dv4-2104tx, Dv4-2105tu, Dv4-2106tx, Dv4-2107tx, Dv4-2108tx, Dv4-2109tx, Dv4-2110tx, Dv4-2111la, Dv4-2111tx, Dv4-2112br, Dv4-2112la, Dv4-2112tx, Dv4-2113la, Dv4-2113tx, Dv4-2114br, Dv4-2114la, Dv4-2114tx, Dv4-2115br, Dv4-2115tx, Dv4-2116la, Dv4-2116tx, Dv4-2117la, Dv4-2118la, Dv4-2118tx, Dv4-2119tx, Dv4-2120ca, Dv4-2120tx, Dv4-2124tx, Dv4-2125tx, Dv4-2140us, Dv4-2141nr, Dv4-2142nr, Dv4-2145dx, Dv4-2148ca, Dv4-2153cl, Dv4-2154ca, Dv4-2155dx, Dv4-2160us, Dv4-2161nr, Dv4-2162nr, Dv4-2164us, Dv4-2165dx, Dv4-2167sb, Dv4-2169nr, Dv4-2170us, Dv4-2173nr, Dv4-2116br, Dv4-2117tx, Dv4-2121tx, Dv4-2100 Cto, Dv4-2113tu, Dv4-2102tu, Dv4-2105tx, Dv4-2106tu, Dv4-2107tu, Dv4-2108tu, Dv4-2109tu, Dv4-2110tu, Dv4-2111tu, Dv4-2112tu, Dv4-2122tx, Dv4-2123tx, Dv4-2126tx, Dv4-2166nr, Hp Compaq Pavilion Dv4i-2100 Series: Dv4i-2100 Cto, Dv4i-2100, Hp Compaq Pavilion Dv4t-1000 Series: Dv4t-1000 Cto, Dv4t-1000, Hp Compaq Pavilion Dv4t-1100 Series: Dv4t-1100 Cto, Hp Compaq Pavilion Dv4t-1200 Series: Dv4t-1200 Cto, Dv4t-1200se Cto, Hp Compaq Pavilion Dv4t-1300 Series: Dv4t-1300 Cto, Dv4t-1300se, Dv4t-1300, Hp Compaq Pavilion Dv4t-1400 Cto, Hp Compaq Pavilion Dv4t-1500 Series: Dv4t-1500 Cto, Dv4t-1500, Hp Compaq Pavilion Dv4t-1600 Series: Dv4t-1600 Cto, Dv4t-1600, Hp Compaq Pavilion Dv4z-1000 Series: Dv4z-1000, Dv4z-1000 Cto, Hp Compaq Pavilion Dv4z-1100 Cto, Hp Compaq Pavilion Dv4z-1200 Cto, Hp Compaq Pavilion Dv5 Series: Dv5-1000, Dv5-1100, Dv5-1200, Dv5-1300, Dv5t-1000, Dv5t-1100, Dv5t-1200, Dv5tse-1100, Dv5z-1000, Dv5z-1100, Dv5z-1200, Hp Compaq Pavilion Dv5-1000 Series: Dv5-1000ea, Dv5-1000us, Dv5-1001au, Dv5-1001ax, Dv5-1001tu, Dv5-1001tx, Dv5-1001xx, Dv5-1002au, Dv5-1002ax, Dv5-1002et, Dv5-1002nr, Dv5-1002tu, Dv5-1002tx, Dv5-1002us, Dv5-1003ax, Dv5-1003cl, Dv5-1003ef, Dv5-1003nr, Dv5-1003tu, Dv5-1003tx, Dv5-1003xx, Dv5-1004ax, Dv5-1004el, Dv5-1004nr, Dv5-1004tu, Dv5-1004tx, Dv5-1005ax, Dv5-1005ec, Dv5-1005ef, Dv5-1005eg, Dv5-1005el, Dv5-1005em, Dv5-1005et, Dv5-1005tu, Dv5-1005tx, Dv5-1006ax, Dv5-1006el, Dv5-1006et, Dv5-1006tu, Dv5-1006tx, Dv5-1007ax, Dv5-1007ca, Dv5-1007cl, Dv5-1007ef, Dv5-1007tu, Dv5-1007tx, Dv5-1008ax, Dv5-1008ca, Dv5-1008ea, Dv5-1008el, Dv5-1008tu, Dv5-1008tx, Dv5-1009ax, Dv5-1009ea, Dv5-1009el, Dv5-1009tu, Dv5-1009tx, Dv5-1010ax, Dv5-1010ea, Dv5-1010eb, Dv5-1010ec, Dv5-1010ed, Dv5-1010ef, Dv5-1010eg, Dv5-1010el, Dv5-1010en, Dv5-1010et, Dv5-1010ev, Dv5-1010ew, Dv5-1010ez, Dv5-1010tu, Dv5-1010tx, Dv5-1010us, Dv5-1011ax, Dv5-1011ea, Dv5-1011el, Dv5-1011et, Dv5-1011tx, Dv5-1012ea, Dv5-1012el, Dv5-1012tx, Dv5-1013el, Dv5-1013tx, Dv5-1014el, Dv5-1014tx, Dv5-1015ea, Dv5-1015eb, Dv5-1015eg, Dv5-1015el, Dv5-1015es, Dv5-1015nr, Dv5-1015tx, Dv5-1016el, Dv5-1016tx, Dv5-1017el, Dv5-1017nr, Dv5-1017tx, Dv5-1018el, Dv5-1018tx, Dv5-1019el, Dv5-1019tx, Dv5-1020ea, Dv5-1020ec, Dv5-1020ed, Dv5-1020ef, Dv5-1020eh, Dv5-1020el, Dv5-1020en, Dv5-1020eo, Dv5-1020ep, Dv5-1020er, Dv5-1020es, Dv5-1020et, Dv5-1020ev, Dv5-1020ew, Dv5-1020ez, Dv5-1020tx, Dv5-1021el, Dv5-1021eo, Dv5-1021et, Dv5-1021tx, Dv5-1022el, Dv5-1022eo, Dv5-1022la, Dv5-1022tx, Dv5-1023es, Dv5-1023tx, Dv5-1024el, Dv5-1024tx, Dv5-1025eb, Dv5-1025eg, Dv5-1025el, Dv5-1025ep, Dv5-1025er, Dv5-1025es, Dv5-1025tx, Dv5-1026el, Dv5-1026eo, Dv5-1026es, Dv5-1026tx, Dv5-1027el, Dv5-1027eo, Dv5-1027es, Dv5-1027tx, Dv5-1028ca, Dv5-1028tx, Dv5-1029tx, Dv5-1030eb, Dv5-1030ec, Dv5-1030ee, Dv5-1030ef, Dv5-1030eg, Dv5-1030ei, Dv5-1030el, Dv5-1030en, Dv5-1030eo, Dv5-1030ep, Dv5-1030er, Dv5-1030es, Dv5-1030ev, Dv5-1030ew, Dv5-1030tx, Dv5-1031el, Dv5-1031tx, Dv5-1032eg, Dv5-1032el, Dv5-1032tx, Dv5-1033el, Dv5-1033ez, Dv5-1033tx, Dv5-1034ca, Dv5-1034el, Dv5-1034tx, Dv5-1035ec, Dv5-1035el, Dv5-1035eo, Dv5-1035er, Dv5-1035es, Dv5-1035tx, Dv5-1036el, Dv5-1036ez, Dv5-1036tx, Dv5-1037eo, Dv5-1037tx, Dv5-1038tx, Dv5-1039tx, Dv5-1040eb, Dv5-1040ec, Dv5-1040ee, Dv5-1040eg, Dv5-1040eh, Dv5-1040ei, Dv5-1040el, Dv5-1040en, Dv5-1040eo, Dv5-1040ep, Dv5-1040er, Dv5-1040es, Dv5-1040et, Dv5-1040ev, Dv5-1040ew, Dv5-1040ez, Dv5-1040tx, Dv5-1041et, Dv5-1041tx, Dv5-1042ez, Dv5-1042tx, Dv5-1043tx, Dv5-1044ca, Dv5-1044tx, Dv5-1045er, Dv5-1045es, Dv5-1045tx, Dv5-1046tx, Dv5-1047tx, Dv5-1048er, Dv5-1048tx, Dv5-1049tx, Dv5-1050ed, Dv5-1050ee, Dv5-1050ei, Dv5-1050ek, Dv5-1050en, Dv5-1050eo, Dv5-1050ep, Dv5-1050er, Dv5-1050es, Dv5-1050ev, Dv5-1050ew, Dv5-1050tx, Dv5-1051tx, Dv5-1052tx, Dv5-1053tx, Dv5-1054tx, Dv5-1055eo, Dv5-1055er, Dv5-1055tx, Dv5-1056tx, Dv5-1057tx, Dv5-1058eo, Dv5-1058tx, Dv5-1059tx, Dv5-1060ec, Dv5-1060ee, Dv5-1060eh, Dv5-1060ei, Dv5-1060ej, Dv5-1060el, Dv5-1060eo, Dv5-1060ew, Dv5-1060tx, Dv5-1061tx, Dv5-1062ez, Dv5-1062tx, Dv5-1063tx, Dv5-1065ec, Dv5-1070ec, Dv5-1070ee, Dv5-1070el, Dv5-1070eo, Dv5-1070er, Dv5-1070es, Dv5-1070ew, Dv5-1073ez, Dv5-1075er, Dv5-1080eh, Dv5-1080ei, Dv5-1080el, Dv5-1080es, Dv5-1080ev, Dv5-1085eo, Dv5-1087eo, Dv5-1089eo, Dv5-1090eo, Dv5-1090es, Dv5-1091eo, Dv5-1093xx, Dv5-1094eo, Dv5-1094xx, Dv5-1095eo, Dv5-1098xx, Dv5-1007el, Dv5-1064tx, Dv5-1002xx, Dv5-1004xx, Dv5-1096xx, Dv5-1098nr, Dv5-1099nr, Dv5-1099xx, Dv5-1015ca, Dv5-1018ca, Dv5-1000t Cto, Dv5-1202xx, Dv5-1302xx, Dv5-1035ew, Hp Compaq Pavilion Dv5-1100 Series: Dv5-1100ef, Dv5-1101ax, Dv5-1101tu, Dv5-1101tx, Dv5-1102ax, Dv5-1102tu, Dv5-1102tx, Dv5-1103ax, Dv5-1103ee, Dv5-1103ef, Dv5-1103em, Dv5-1103tu, Dv5-1103tx, Dv5-1104ax, Dv5-1104tu, Dv5-1104tx, Dv5-1105ax, Dv5-1105eg, Dv5-1105em, Dv5-1105tu, Dv5-1105tx, Dv5-1106ax, Dv5-1106tx, Dv5-1107ax, Dv5-1107ef, Dv5-1107tx, Dv5-1108eg, Dv5-1108tx, Dv5-1109tx Special Edition, Dv5-1110ee, Dv5-1110ef, Dv5-1110eg, Dv5-1110ei, Dv5-1110em, Dv5-1110es, Dv5-1110tx Special Edition, Dv5-1111ea, Dv5-1111tx Special Edition, Dv5-1112ea, Dv5-1112tx, Dv5-1113tx, Dv5-1113us, Dv5-1114ez, Dv5-1114tx Special Edition, Dv5-1115ec, Dv5-1115em, Dv5-1115tx, Dv5-1116ee, Dv5-1116em, Dv5-1116tx Special Edition, Dv5-1116us, Dv5-1117tx Special Edition, Dv5-1118ca, Dv5-1118tx, Dv5-1119nr, Dv5-1119tx, Dv5-1120ec, Dv5-1120en, Dv5-1120er, Dv5-1120es, Dv5-1120tx, Dv5-1120us, Dv5-1121tx, Dv5-1122tx, Dv5-1123ef, Dv5-1123em, Dv5-1124ca, Dv5-1124ez, Dv5-1125em, Dv5-1125nr, Dv5-1126ee, Dv5-1126em, Dv5-1127cl, Dv5-1130ca, Dv5-1130ea, Dv5-1130ef, Dv5-1130eg, Dv5-1130en, Dv5-1132us, Dv5-1133ca, Dv5-1133ei, Dv5-1135ca, Dv5-1135ee, Dv5-1135ef, Dv5-1140ec, Dv5-1140en, Dv5-1140ep, Dv5-1140us, Dv5-1145ee, Dv5-1150ef, Dv5-1150eg, Dv5-1150en, Dv5-1150ep, Dv5-1150us, Dv5-1153ei, Dv5-1154ez, Dv5-1155ec, Dv5-1155ee, Dv5-1157ca, Dv5-1159se, Dv5-1160ec, Dv5-1160ep, Dv5-1160es, Dv5-1160us, Dv5-1163el, Dv5-1165ep, Dv5-1166us, Dv5-1174ca, Dv5-1183cl, Dv5-1190er, Dv5-1192er, Dv5-1193er, Dv5-1196xx, Dv5-1198er, Dv5-1198xx, Dv5-1199eg, Dv5-1199xx, Dv5-1100el, Dv5-1100et, Dv5-1100ew, Dv5-1101el, Dv5-1101em, Dv5-1101en, Dv5-1101et, Dv5-1102el, Dv5-1102et, Dv5-1103el, Dv5-1104ef, Dv5-1104el, Dv5-1104em, Dv5-1105el, Dv5-1105et, Dv5-1105ev, Dv5-1106el, Dv5-1107el, Dv5-1108ax, Dv5-1108ea, Dv5-1108el, Dv5-1108em, Dv5-1109ax, Dv5-1109el, Dv5-1109tx, Dv5-1110ax, Dv5-1110ea, Dv5-1110ed, Dv5-1110ej, Dv5-1110el, Dv5-1110eo, Dv5-1110et, Dv5-1110ew, Dv5-1110ez, Dv5-1110tx, Dv5-1111ax, Dv5-1111el, Dv5-1111en, Dv5-1111es, Dv5-1111tx, Dv5-1112ax, Dv5-1112ca, Dv5-1112eg, Dv5-1112el, Dv5-1112es, Dv5-1113ax, Dv5-1113el, Dv5-1113eo, Dv5-1113es, Dv5-1114ax, Dv5-1114el, Dv5-1114es, Dv5-1114tx, Dv5-1115eb, Dv5-1115eg, Dv5-1115el, Dv5-1115eo, Dv5-1115es, Dv5-1115et, Dv5-1116el, Dv5-1116ez, Dv5-1116tx, Dv5-1117eb, Dv5-1117ec, Dv5-1117el, Dv5-1117tx, Dv5-1118el, Dv5-1118eo, Dv5-1118es, Dv5-1119eg, Dv5-1119em, Dv5-1120ed, Dv5-1120eg, Dv5-1120eh, Dv5-1120ej, Dv5-1120ek, Dv5-1120el, Dv5-1120eo, Dv5-1120et, Dv5-1120ev, Dv5-1120ew, Dv5-1120ez, Dv5-1121ca, Dv5-1121el, Dv5-1121en, Dv5-1122ef, Dv5-1122eg, Dv5-1122el, Dv5-1123el, Dv5-1123tx, Dv5-1124el, Dv5-1124tx, Dv5-1125br, Dv5-1125ec, Dv5-1125ef, Dv5-1125eg, Dv5-1125ek, Dv5-1125en, Dv5-1125eo, Dv5-1125es, Dv5-1125tx, Dv5-1126es, Dv5-1126tx, Dv5-1127eg, Dv5-1127ez, Dv5-1127tx, Dv5-1128ca, Dv5-1128el, Dv5-1128eo, Dv5-1128tx, Dv5-1129tx, Dv5-1130ec, Dv5-1130ed, Dv5-1130ei, Dv5-1130ej, Dv5-1130ek, Dv5-1130ep, Dv5-1130es, Dv5-1130et, Dv5-1130ev, Dv5-1130ew, Dv5-1130tx, Dv5-1131en, Dv5-1131la, Dv5-1131tx, Dv5-1132es, Dv5-1132la, Dv5-1132tx, Dv5-1133es, Dv5-1133la, Dv5-1133tx, Dv5-1134tx, Dv5-1135ei, Dv5-1135es, Dv5-1135la, Dv5-1135tx, Dv5-1136ei, Dv5-1136tx, Dv5-1137la, Dv5-1137tx, Dv5-1138ca, Dv5-1138nr, Dv5-1138tx, Dv5-1139tx, Dv5-1140br, Dv5-1140ed, Dv5-1140eg, Dv5-1140eh, Dv5-1140ei, Dv5-1140ek, Dv5-1140el, Dv5-1140eo, Dv5-1140es, Dv5-1140ew, Dv5-1140ez, Dv5-1140la, Dv5-1140tx, Dv5-1141en, Dv5-1141la, Dv5-1141tx, Dv5-1142eg, Dv5-1142la, Dv5-1142tx, Dv5-1143la, Dv5-1144el, Dv5-1144la, Dv5-1145eo, Dv5-1145ev, Dv5-1147la, Dv5-1150ec, Dv5-1150ed, Dv5-1150ei, Dv5-1150em, Dv5-1150eo, Dv5-1150er, Dv5-1150et, Dv5-1150ew, Dv5-1151eg, Dv5-1151en, Dv5-1153eo, Dv5-1155ef, Dv5-1155eg, Dv5-1155eo, Dv5-1155ep, Dv5-1155es, Dv5-1156eg, Dv5-1157eg, Dv5-1158ep, Dv5-1160br, Dv5-1160ed, Dv5-1160eg, Dv5-1160eh, Dv5-1160ei, Dv5-1160ej, Dv5-1160ek, Dv5-1160en, Dv5-1160eo, Dv5-1160et, 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Number Of Cells 6 Capacity 5200 mAh Battery Type Li-ion Color Black Model Id LI-4530B


Charging Time Up to 3.5 hours
Voltage 11.1 V
Electric Energy 58 Wh