The Mora Battery is a high performance quality product Certified by Bureau of Indian Standard (IS13252 Part-1: 2010 + AI: 2013) and complies with international safety standard worldwide. It offers a whopping 3 year warranty and is also the first indian manufactured battery to get the Bureau Of Indian Standard approval. It is designed in Taiwan and manufactured in India.

Bureau of Indian Standard Reg. NoR-85000671

Brand Mora In The Box Laptop Battery Designed For Hp Pavilion Dm4 Series, Hp Pavilion Dm4-1001tx, Hp Pavilion Dm4-1004tu, Hp Pavilion Dm4-1012tx, Hp Pavilion Dm4-1016tx, Hp Pavilion Dm4-1020tx, Hp Pavilion Dm4-1023tx, Hp Pavilion Dm4-1035tx, Hp Pavilion Dm4-1048tx, Hp Pavilion Dm4-1060ea, Hp Pavilion Dm4-1062nr, Hp Pavilion Dm4-1065dx, Hp Pavilion Dm4-1080ea, Hp Pavilion Dm4-1100eg, Hp Pavilion Dm4-1101tx, Hp Pavilion Dm4-1108tx, Hp Pavilion Dm4-1116tx, Hp Pavilion Dm4-1120tx, Hp Pavilion Dm4-1123tx, Hp Pavilion Dm4-1150ea, Hp Pavilion Dm4-1160eo, Hp Pavilion Dm4-1162sf, Hp Pavilion Dm4-1165dx, Hp Pavilion Dm4-1180ef, Hp Pavilion Dm4-1201us, Hp Pavilion Dm4-1221tx, Hp Pavilion Dm4-1265dx, Hp Pavilion Dm4-1277sb, Hp Pavilion Dm4-1301sg, Hp Pavilion Dm4-2000, Hp Pavilion Dm4-2033cl, Hp Pavilion Dm4-2055ca, Hp Pavilion Dm4-2060sf, Hp Pavilion Dm4t, Hp Pavilion Dm4t-1200 Cto, Compaq: Compaq 435 Notebook Pc, Compaq 436 Notebook Pc, Cq32, Cq42, Cq43, Cq56, Cq56z-200 Cto, Cq57, Cq62, Cq62z-200cto, Cq62z-300 Cto, Cq630, Cq72 Cq42-100 Series: Cq42-100, Cq42-106tu, Cq42-108tu, Cq42-130tu, Cq42-136tu, Cq42-137tu, Cq42-138tu, Cq42-167tx, Cq42-170tx, Cq42-174tx, Cq42-175tx Cq42-200 Series: Cq42-200, Cq42-224tu, Cq42-225tu, Cq42-271tu, Cq42-272tu, Cq42-294tx, Cq42-295tx Cq42-300 Series: Cq42-300, Cq42-301ax, Cq42-301tu, Cq42-302ax, Cq42-303tu, Cq42-304au, Cq42-304tu, Cq42-305au, Cq42-309ax, Cq42-310ax, Cq42-311au, Cq42-312au, Cq42-313au, Cq42-313ax, Cq42-320ca, Cq42-352tu, Cq42-353tu, Cq42-354tu, Cq42-354tx, Cq42-355tx, Cq42-356tx, Cq42-359tu, Cq42-360tu, Cq42-362tu, Cq42-365tu, Cq42-371tu Cq42-400 Series: Cq42-400, Cq42-400au, Cq42-400ax, Cq42-400tu, Cq42-401au, Cq42-401ax, Cq42-401tu, Cq42-402au, Cq42-402ax, Cq42-402tu, Cq42-403ax, Cq42-404au, Cq42-404ax, Cq42-404tu, Cq42-408la, Cq42-450tu, Cq42-450tx, Cq42-451tu, Cq42-452tu, Cq42-453tu, Cq42-455tu, Cq42-457tu, Cq42-459tu, Cq42-460tu, Cq42-461tu, Cq42-462tu, Cq42-463tu, Cq42-465tu, Cq42-467tu, Cq42-471tu Cq43-100 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Cq62-400au, Cq62-400ax, Cq62-401au, Cq62-402au, Cq62-402ax, Cq62-403au, Cq62-404au, Cq62-404ax, Cq62-405au, Cq62-405ax, Cq62-406ax, Cq62-410us, Cq62-411nr, Cq62-412nr, Cq62-413nr, Cq62-417nr, Cq62-418nr, Cq62-421nr, Cq62-423nr, Cq62-450tx, Cq62-452tu, Cq62-453tu, Cq62-454tu, Cq62-455tu, Cq62-456tu Cq62-A Series: Cq62-A00, Cq62-A01sg, Cq62-A02sg, Cq62-A10ea, Cq62-A10sa, Cq62-A10sd, Cq62-A10so, Cq62-A20sa, Cq62-A25sa, Cq62-A36sf, Cq62-A50sa, Cq62-A55sa, Cq62-A65sa Hp:Hp 2000 Notebook Pc, Hp 2000z-100 Cto Notebook Pc, Hp 430 Notebook Pc, Hp 431 Notebook Pc, Hp 435 Notebook Pc, Hp 630 Notebook Pc, Hp 631 Notebook Pc, Hp 635 Notebook Pc, Hp 636 Notebook Pc, Hp Envy 15-1100, Hp G32, Hp G42, Hp G56, Hp G62m-300 Cto Notebook Pc, Hp G62x-400 Cto, Hp G72, Hp G72t, Hp Dv4t-4000 Cto, Hp Dv4t-4100 Cto, Hp Dv5t-2100 Cto, Hp Dv6t-4000 Cto, Hp Dv6t-6000 Cto, Hp Dv7-1400, Hp Dv7t-4100 Cto, Hp Dv7t-5000cto, Hp Dv7t-6000 Cto, Hp G4, Hp G4t-1000 Cto, Hp G4t-1100 Cto, Hp G4t-1200 Cto, Hp G6-1a00, Hp G7, Hp 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Dm4-2058ca, Dm4-2060ef, Dm4-2060sf, Dm4-2070us, Dm4-2074nr Hp Dm4t Series: Dm4t, Dm4t-1000 Cto, Dm4t-1100 Cto, Dm4t-1200 Cto, Dm4t-2000 Cto Hp Dv3-2200 Series: Dv3-2200, Dv3-2211tx, Dv3-2225tx, Dv3-2232tx Hp Dv3-4000 Series: Dv3-4000, Dv3-4010sg, Dv3-4020sp, Dv3-4027tx, Dv3-4028tx, Dv3-4029tx, Dv3-4030tx, Dv3-4031tx, Dv3-4035tx, Dv3-4057tx, Dv3-4059tx Hp Dv3-4100 Series: Dv3-4100, Dv3-4100sa, Dv3-4102tx, Dv3-4105tx, Dv3-4106tx, Dv3-4107tx, Dv3-4121tx, Dv3-4123tx, Dv3-4124tx Hp Dv3-4200 Series: Dv3-4200, Dv3-4207tx, Dv3-4208tx Hp Dv4-4000 Series: Dv4-4000, Dv4-4001xx, Dv4-4004xx, Dv4-4030us, Dv4-4031he, Dv4-4032nr, Dv4-4033nr, Dv4-4038ca, Dv4-4048ca, Dv4-4061la, Dv4-4062la, Dv4-4063la, Dv4-4064la, Dv4-4065la, Dv4-4068la, Dv4-4069la, Dv4-4072la, Dv4-4075la, Dv4-4080la Hp Dv4-4100 Series:Dv4-4100, Dv4-4140us, Dv4-4165la, Dv4-4169la, Dv4-4170la, Dv4-4171la, Dv4-4172la, Dv4-4175la. Hp Dv5-2000 Series:Dv5-2000, Dv5-2034la, Dv5-2045la, Dv5-2046la, Dv5-2129wm, Dv5-2130us, Dv5-2132dx, Dv5-2134ca, Dv5-2134us, Dv5-2135dx, Dv5-2138ca, Dv5-2144ca, Dv5-2155dx, Dv5-3000.Hp Dv6-3000 Series:Dv6-3000, Dv6-3005tx, Dv6-3006tx, Dv6-3010sa, Dv6-3011tx, Dv6-3015sa, Dv6-3020sa, Dv6-3025sa, Dv6-3026tx, Dv6-3030sa, Dv6-3030tx, Dv6-3031sa, Dv6-3032sa, Dv6-3032tx, Dv6-3033sa, Dv6-3035sa, Dv6-3040sa, Dv6-3042tx, Dv6-3044sa, Dv6-3045sa, Dv6-3046sa, Dv6-3047sa, Dv6-3048sa, Dv6-3048tx, Dv6-3050eo, Dv6-3050sa, Dv6-3055sa, Dv6-3056sa, Dv6-3057sa, Dv6-3060em, Dv6-3060sa, Dv6-3067ea, Dv6-3068ea, Dv6-3070ea, Dv6-3077la, Dv6-3085ea, Dv6-3088la, Dv6-3089la.Hp Dv6-3100 Series:Dv6-3100, Dv6-3100sa, Dv6-3110ea, Dv6-3110sa, Dv6-3111sa, Dv6-3112sa, Dv6-3113sa, Dv6-3114sa, Dv6-3115sa, Dv6-3115tx, Dv6-3116sa, Dv6-3116tx, Dv6-3117sa, Dv6-3118sa, Dv6-3119sa, Dv6-3120sa, Dv6-3121sa, Dv6-3122sa, Dv6-3123sa, Dv6-3125sa, Dv6-3127sa, Dv6-3130sa, Dv6-3131sa, Dv6-3140sa, Dv6-3141ea, Dv6-3150sa, Dv6-3163eo, Dv6-3180ea., Hp Dv6-3200 Series:Dv6-3298ea, Dv6-3299ea. Hp Dv6-3300 Series: Dv6-3300, Dv6-3300sg, Dv6-3350ef, Dv6-3350sf, Dv6-3351ef, Dv6-3351sf, Dv6-3355ef, Dv6-3355sf, Dv6-3362ef, Dv6-3362sf Hp Dv6-4000 Series: Dv6-4000, Dv6-4001xx, Dv6-4051nr, Dv6-4052nr, Dv6-4053ca Hp Dv6-6000 Series: Dv6-6000, Dv6-6000eg, Dv6-6001ea, Dv6-6001eg, Dv6-6001sg, Dv6-6002eg, Dv6-6002sg, Dv6-6003eg, Dv6-6004sa, Dv6-6005ea, Dv6-6005eg, Dv6-6005sg, Dv6-6007sg, Dv6-6007tx, Dv6-6008eg, Dv6-6008sa, Dv6-6008tx, Dv6-6011tu, Dv6-6012tu, Dv6-6013cl, Dv6-6013tu, Dv6-6020ca, Dv6-6022eg, Dv6-6023tx, Dv6-6024tx, Dv6-6025tx, Dv6-6026tx, Dv6-6027tx, Dv6-6029tx, Dv6-6040ca, Dv6-6042sf, Dv6-6051sf, Dv6-6051xx, Dv6-6054ef, Dv6-6054sf, Dv6-6063sf, Dv6-6070ca, Dv6-6087eg, Dv6-6090sf, Dv6-6090us, Dv6-6091nr Hp Dv6-6100 Series: Dv6-6100, Dv6-6110tu, Dv6-6134tx, Dv6-6135tx, Dv6-6136tx, Dv6-6137tx, Dv6-6138tx, Dv6-6139tx, Dv6-6147tx Hp Dv7-4000 Series: Dv7-4000, Dv7-4002tx, Dv7-4004tx, Dv7-4012tx, Dv7-4015sa, Dv7-4020sa, Dv7-4026tx, Dv7-4027tx, Dv7-4032eo, Dv7-4035sa, Dv7-4040sa, Dv7-4045ea, Dv7-4047ea, Dv7-4050ea, Dv7-4285dx, Dv7-4290us Hp Dv7-4100 Series: Dv7-4100, Dv7-4100eh, Dv7-4100em, Dv7-4100er, Dv7-4100ev, Dv7-4100sg, Dv7-4100st, Dv7-4101eg, Dv7-4101er, Dv7-4101sg, Dv7-4101sl, Dv7-4101xx, Dv7-4102eg, Dv7-4102er, Dv7-4102sg, Dv7-4103er, Dv7-4103ez, Dv7-4103sg, Dv7-4103sl, Dv7-4103tx, Dv7-4104ca, Dv7-4104sl, Dv7-4104tx, Dv7-4105eg, Dv7-4105el, Dv7-4105ew, Dv7-4105ez, Dv7-4105sg, Dv7-4105tx, Dv7-4106eg, Dv7-4106el, Dv7-4106sg, Dv7-4106tx, Dv7-4107eg, Dv7-4107sl, Dv7-4107tx, Dv7-4109eg, Dv7-4109sg, Dv7-4110eg, Dv7-4110em, Dv7-4110ev, Dv7-4110sg, Dv7-4110sw, Dv7-4111ez, Dv7-4111tx, Dv7-4112tx, Dv7-4113tx, Dv7-4114tx, Dv7-4115eg, Dv7-4115sg, Dv7-4115tx, Dv7-4116eg, Dv7-4116tx, Dv7-4117ez, Dv7-4117tx, Dv7-4118ez, Dv7-4119sz, Dv7-4119tx, Dv7-4120eb, Dv7-4120ed, Dv7-4120em, Dv7-4120eo, Dv7-4120er, Dv7-4120ew, Dv7-4120tx, Dv7-4121er, Dv7-4121ez, Dv7-4121ss, Dv7-4122sz, Dv7-4125ez, Dv7-4126ez, Dv7-4127ca, Dv7-4130ew, Dv7-4130sa, Dv7-4130sd, Dv7-4130so, Dv7-4130ss, Dv7-4131eo, Dv7-4131sa, Dv7-4131so, Dv7-4132ea, Dv7-4134ez, Dv7-4135ed, Dv7-4135eo, Dv7-4137so, Dv7-4138ca, Dv7-4138eo, Dv7-4139eo, Dv7-4140ea, Dv7-4140eb, Dv7-4140ed, Dv7-4140ef, Dv7-4140ek, Dv7-4140ew, Dv7-4141eb, Dv7-4141ed, Dv7-4141sa, Dv7-4142eo, Dv7-4143ea, Dv7-4144ea, Dv7-4148ca, Dv7-4150ea, Dv7-4150ec, Dv7-4150ed, Dv7-4150ef, Dv7-4150em, Dv7-4150eo, Dv7-4150er, Dv7-4150ev, Dv7-4150ez, Dv7-4150sb, Dv7-4150sg, Dv7-4150si, Dv7-4151nr, Dv7-4151sg, Dv7-4152ef, Dv7-4152eg, Dv7-4152sf, Dv7-4152si, Dv7-4153cl, Dv7-4153eg, Dv7-4154ca, Dv7-4154eg, Dv7-4155eg, Dv7-4155eo, Dv7-4155ss, Dv7-4156ss, Dv7-4157cl, Dv7-4157eg, Dv7-4157sg, Dv7-4158sg, Dv7-4159eg, Dv7-4160eb, Dv7-4160eg, Dv7-4160em, Dv7-4160es, Dv7-4160sd, Dv7-4160sf, Dv7-4161sf, Dv7-4162ef, Dv7-4162sf, Dv7-4162ss, Dv7-4163ef, Dv7-4163sf, Dv7-4164ef, Dv7-4164sf, Dv7-4165dx, Dv7-4165eg, Dv7-4165eo, Dv7-4166ef, Dv7-4166sf, Dv7-4167ca, Dv7-4168sf, Dv7-4169ef, Dv7-4169wm, Dv7-4170eb, Dv7-4170ed, Dv7-4170eg, Dv7-4170eo, Dv7-4170ez, Dv7-4170sf, Dv7-4170sg, Dv7-4170us, Dv7-4171eo, Dv7-4171sf, Dv7-4171ss, Dv7-4172sf, Dv7-4173us, Dv7-4174ca, Dv7-4175eb, Dv7-4176eb, Dv7-4176ef, Dv7-4176sf, Dv7-4177ca, Dv7-4177eb, Dv7-4177ef, Dv7-4177nr, Dv7-4177sf, Dv7-4178ca, Dv7-4179eb, Dv7-4179nr, Dv7-4180ea, Dv7-4180eb, Dv7-4180ec, Dv7-4180sd, Dv7-4180sf, Dv7-4180so, Dv7-4180us, Dv7-4181eo, Dv7-4182nr, Dv7-4182sf, Dv7-4183cl, Dv7-4183ef, Dv7-4185eb, Dv7-4190eb, Dv7-4190ef, Dv7-4190es, Dv7-4190sd, Dv7-4190sf, Dv7-4190us, Dv7-4191eb, Dv7-4191nr, Dv7-4192sf, Dv7-4195ed, Dv7-4196ef, Dv7-4196eo, Dv7-4198ca Hp Dv7-5000 Series: Dv7-5000, Dv7-5000ea, Dv7-5000sg, Dv7-5001xx, Dv7-5009tx, Dv7-5070ca, Dv7-5090ef Hp Dv7-6000 Series: Dv7-6000, Dv7-6000sa, Dv7-6000sg, Dv7-6001sg, Dv7-6001xx, Dv7-6002sa, Dv7-6003eg, Dv7-6003sg, Dv7-6004ea, Dv7-6004tx, Dv7-6005tx, Dv7-6006sg, Dv7-6007sg, Dv7-6008eg, Dv7-6008sg, Dv7-6010eg, Dv7-6010sg, Dv7-6011sg, Dv7-6011tx, Dv7-6012eg, Dv7-6012sg, Dv7-6012tx, Dv7-6013eg, Dv7-6013tx, Dv7-6014tx, Dv7-6015eg, Dv7-6015sg, Dv7-6021eg, Dv7-6025eg, Dv7-6032sg, Dv7-6040sg, Dv7-6045sg, Dv7-6050ea, Dv7-6051ea, Dv7-6055ef, Dv7-6055sf, Dv7-6065ef, Dv7-6065sf, Dv7-6070ca, Dv7-6070sf, Dv7-6080eg, Dv7-6081eg, Dv7-6085eg, Dv7-6090sf, Dv7-6097ef Hp Dv7-6100 Series: Dv7-6100, Dv7-6100sg, Dv7-6101eg, Dv7-6101sa, Dv7-6101sg, Dv7-6102sa, Dv7-6103ea, Dv7-6103eg, Dv7-6103sg, Dv7-6103tx, Dv7-6104eg, Dv7-6104sg, Dv7-6104tx, Dv7-6109sg, Dv7-6110sg, Dv7-6111sg, Dv7-6115eg, Dv7-6123cl, Dv7-6135dx, Dv7-6140eg, Dv7-6140sg, Dv7-6141eg, Dv7-6141sg, Dv7-6143cl, Dv7-6150sg, Dv7-6151ef, Dv7-6151sf, Dv7-6153ea, Dv7-6153nr, Dv7-6154ea, Dv7-6154ef, Dv7-6154nr, Dv7-6154sf, Dv7-6155sf, Dv7-6157cl, Dv7-6161ef, Dv7-6161sf, Dv7-6163ef, Dv7-6163sf, Dv7-6163us, Dv7-6165us, Dv7-6169nr, Dv7-6171ef, Dv7-6171sf, Dv7-6174sf, Dv7-6175sf, Dv7-6175us, Dv7-6178us, Dv7-6184ca, Dv7-6185us, Dv7-6187cl, Dv7-6188ca, Dv7-6190ef, Dv7-6190sf, Dv7-6195us, Dv7-6197ca Hp Dv7t-6100 Series: Dv7t-6100 Cto, Dv7t-6100ct Hp G4-1000 Series: G4-1000, G4-1002tu, G4-1002tx, G4-1003tu, G4-1003tx, G4-1004tu, G4-1004tx, G4-1006tu, G4-1006tx, G4-1007tx, G4-1008tu, G4-1008tx, G4-1009tu, G4-1009tx, G4-1010tu, G4-1010tx, G4-1010us, G4-1011nr, G4-1012tx, G4-1013tx, G4-1014tu, G4-1014tx, G4-1015dx, G4-1015tu, G4-1015tx, G4-1016dx, G4-1016tu, G4-1016tx, G4-1017tu, G4-1017tx, G4-1018tu, G4-1019tu, G4-1019tx, G4-1020tu, G4-1020tx, G4-1020us, G4-1021ca, G4-1021tu, G4-1021tx, G4-1022ca, G4-1022tu, G4-1022tx, G4-1023tu, G4-1023tx, G4-1024tx, G4-1025tu, G4-1026tx, G4-1027tu, G4-1027tx, G4-1028tu, G4-1028tx, G4-1029tx, G4-1030tu, G4-1030tx, G4-1031tu, G4-1032tu, G4-1032tx, G4-1033tu, G4-1033tx, G4-1034tu, G4-1034tx, G4-1035tu, G4-1035tx, G4-1036tu, G4-1037tu, G4-1038tu, G4-1038tx, G4-1039tu, G4-1039tx, G4-1040tu, G4-1040tx, G4-1041tx, G4-1042tx, G4-1043tx, G4-1046tu, G4-1047tu, G4-1047tx, G4-1048tx, G4-1049tu, G4-1050tx, G4-1051xx, G4-1052tu, G4-1052tx, G4-1053tu, G4-1053tx, G4-1054tu, G4-1055tu, G4-1056tu, G4-1056tx, G4-1057tu, G4-1058tx, G4-1059tx, G4-1060la, G4-1060tx, G4-1062la, G4-1063la, G4-1064la, G4-1065la, G4-1066la, G4-1069la, G4-1071la, G4-1072la, G4-1075la, G4-1085la, G4-1087la Hp G4-1100 Series: G4-1100, G4-1104dx, G4-1117nr, G4-1118nr, G4-1119tx, G4-1121tu, G4-1122tu, G4-1123tu, G4-1124tu, G4-1125tx, G4-1126tx, G4-1127tx, G4-1128tx, G4-1137ca Hp G4-1200 Series: G4-1200, G4-1200ax, G4-1200tu, G4-1200tx, G4-1201tu, G4-1201tx, G4-1202au, G4-1202ax, G4-1202tu, G4-1202tx, G4-1203tu, G4-1203tx, G4-1204ax, G4-1204tu, G4-1204tx, G4-1205ax, G4-1205tu, G4-1205tx, G4-1206ax, G4-1206tu, G4-1207ax, G4-1207tu, G4-1207tx, G4-1208tu, G4-1208tx, G4-1209ax, G4-1209tu, G4-1210ee, G4-1210se, G4-1210tu, G4-1210tx, G4-1211ax, G4-1212tu, G4-1212tx, G4-1213nr, G4-1213tu, G4-1213tx, G4-1214tu, G4-1214tx, G4-1215dx, G4-1215tx, G4-1216ee, G4-1216se, G4-1216tu, G4-1216tx, G4-1217tu, G4-1217tx, G4-1218tx, G4-1219tx, G4-1220ee, G4-1220se, G4-1220tu, G4-1220tx, G4-1224tx, G4-1225tx, G4-1226ee, G4-1226nr, G4-1226se, G4-1226tx, G4-1229dx, G4-1231tx, G4-1232tx, G4-1233tx, G4-1234tx, G4-1235tx, G4-1236tx, G4-1238tx, G4-1239tx, G4-1240tx, G4-1241tx, G4-1242tx, G4-1250la, G4-1260la, G4-1264ca, G4-1270la, G4-1271la, G4-1280la, G4-1281la, G4-1282la, G4-1285la, G4-1287la Hp G6 Series: G6, G6s, G6t, G6x Hp G6-1000 Series: G6-1000, G6-1000sa, G6-1002sg, G6-1003tx, G6-1004sa, G6-1005tu, G6-1006tu, G6-1007sa, G6-1008tx, G6-1009ea, G6-1009sa, G6-1009tx, G6-1010ea, G6-1010sa, G6-1010tx, G6-1011sg, G6-1011tx, G6-1012sa, G6-1012tx, G6-1013sa, G6-1013tu, G6-1013tx, G6-1014sa, G6-1014tu, G6-1014tx, G6-1016tu, G6-1019eg, G6-1020sa, G6-1020se, G6-1021sa, G6-1021se, G6-1022tx, G6-1023tx, G6-1024tx, G6-1025, G6-1025sf, G6-1025sg, G6-1025tx, G6-1026tx, G6-1027tx, G6-1030ef, G6-1030sf, G6-1030tx, G6-1031eg, G6-1031se, G6-1031tx, G6-1032eg, G6-1040ef, G6-1040sf, G6-1041ef, G6-1041se, G6-1041sf, G6-1042ef, G6-1045ef, G6-1046ef, G6-1046sf, G6-1047ef, G6-1050ef, G6-1050sf, G6-1051ef, G6-1058sa, G6-1061sa, G6-1061se, G6-1072sa, G6-1075sa, G6-1080ea, G6-1080sa, G6-1085sa, G6-1088ea, G6-1093sa, G6-1094sa Hp G6-1100 Series: G6-1100, G6-1101sg, G6-1104ax, G6-1105sg, G6-1107sg, G6-1110sg, G6-1113tu, G6-1126tx, G6-1134tx Hp G6-1200 Series: G6-1200, G6-1200au, G6-1200ax, G6-1200er, G6-1200ex, G6-1200ez, G6-1200sa, G6-1200sd, G6-1200sx, G6-1200tu, G6-1200tx, G6-1201eh, G6-1201em, G6-1201eu, G6-1201ex, G6-1201ey, G6-1201sg, G6-1201sm, G6-1201sq, G6-1201ss, G6-1201su, G6-1201tx, G6-1202au, G6-1202ax, G6-1202eh, G6-1202ex, G6-1202sa, G6-1202sq, G6-1202sr, G6-1202sx, G6-1202sz, G6-1202tu, G6-1202tx, G6-1203ax, G6-1203ey, G6-1203sg, G6-1203ss, G6-1203sx, G6-1203sy, G6-1203sz, G6-1203tu, G6-1204ax, G6-1204ey, G6-1204sa, G6-1204sq, G6-1204sy, G6-1204tu, G6-1204tx, G6-1205ei, G6-1205er, G6-1205sc, G6-1205sg, G6-1205si, G6-1205sq, G6-1205st, G6-1205sv, G6-1205sw, G6-1205sz, G6-1205tu, G6-1205tx, G6-1206ax, G6-1206eg, G6-1206eh, G6-1206er, G6-1206eu, G6-1206sa, G6-1206sr, G6-1206ss, G6-1206su, G6-1206tx, G6-1207er, G6-1207eu, G6-1207sa, G6-1207sg, G6-1207sr, G6-1207sx, G6-1208es, G6-1208eu, G6-1208su, G6-1208sx, G6-1209eh, G6-1209er, G6-1209sa, G6-1209so, G6-1209sq, G6-1209sr, G6-1209ss, G6-1209sx, G6-1209tu, G6-1209tx, G6-1210ej, G6-1210er, G6-1210eu, G6-1210sa, G6-1210sd, G6-1210sr, G6-1210sx, G6-1210tu, G6-1210tx, G6-1211eh, G6-1211eo, G6-1211er, G6-1211su, G6-1211sx, G6-1211tu, G6-1212eu, G6-1212ev, G6-1212sq, G6-1212ss, G6-1212su, G6-1212sv, G6-1212sx, G6-1212tu, G6-1212tx, G6-1213eh, G6-1213eo, G6-1213er, G6-1213ss, G6-1213st, G6-1213sx, G6-1213tu, G6-1213tx, G6-1214eo, G6-1214er, G6-1214es, G6-1214ss, G6-1214sx, G6-1214tu, G6-1215er, G6-1215ev, G6-1215ew, G6-1215ex, G6-1215sd, G6-1215sp, G6-1215ss, G6-1215sv, G6-1215sx, G6-1215tu, G6-1215tx, G6-1216er, G6-1216ex, G6-1216sa, G6-1216sg, G6-1216st, G6-1216sx, G6-1216tu, G6-1217et, G6-1217ex, G6-1217sa, G6-1217sg, G6-1217st, G6-1217sx, G6-1217tu, G6-1217tx, G6-1218sx, G6-1218tu, G6-1218tx, G6-1219ev, G6-1219si, G6-1219sv, G6-1219sx, G6-1219tu, G6-1219tx, G6-1220em, G6-1220et, G6-1220ex, G6-1220sa, G6-1220sd, G6-1220sm, G6-1220sx, G6-1220tu, G6-1221ec, G6-1221eh, G6-1221em, G6-1221ev, G6-1221ew, G6-1221sd, G6-1221sg, G6-1221si, G6-1221sm, G6-1222eh, G6-1222em, G6-1222sg, G6-1222sm, G6-1222sx, G6-1223eh, G6-1223sa, G6-1223sx, G6-1224ek, G6-1224eo, G6-1224sa, G6-1224sk, G6-1224tu, G6-1224tx, G6-1225ek, G6-1225em, G6-1225eo, G6-1225er, G6-1225ev, G6-1225sb, G6-1225sk, G6-1225sm, G6-1225sr, G6-1225tu, G6-1226eo, G6-1226so, G6-1226tu, G6-1227sx, G6-1227tu, G6-1228eo, G6-1228sa, G6-1228so, G6-1228tu, G6-1229ej, G6-1229so, G6-1230ee, G6-1230ef, G6-1230ej, G6-1230er, G6-1230ex, G6-1230se, G6-1230sj, G6-1230sl, G6-1230so, G6-1230sp, G6-1230sr, G6-1231ee, G6-1231er, G6-1231se, G6-1232ea, G6-1232ee, G6-1232ej, G6-1232se, G6-1232sj, G6-1232sl, G6-1232sr, G6-1233ee, G6-1233sa, G6-1233se, G6-1233sl, G6-1233so, G6-1234el, G6-1234sa, G6-1234so, G6-1235ej, G6-1235so, G6-1236ee, G6-1236sa, G6-1236se, G6-1237sa, G6-1237se, G6-1238sa, G6-1239sa, G6-1239so, G6-1240ea, G6-1240ec, 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Sales Package Laptop Battery Number Of Cells 6 Capacity 5200 mAh Battery Type Li-ion Battery Life Upto 3 Hours Model Id LI-4530C Color Black


Charging Time Up to 3.5 hours
Voltage 11.1 V
Electric Energy 58 Wh