Brand: MORA

Warranty: 3 Years


The Mora Battery is a high performance quality product Certified by Bureau of Indian Standard (IS13252 Part-1: 2010 + AI: 2013) and complies with international safety standard worldwide. the battery comes with 1 Year Warranty and is also the first indian manufactured battery to get the Bureau Of Indian Standard approval. It is designed in Taiwan and manufactured in India. Bureau of Indian Standard Reg. NoR-85000671
In The Box 1 Laptop Battery
Brand Mora
Designed For HP Pavilion 14-n000sc, 14-n003ej, 14-n009sa, 14-n010ax, 14-n012eo, 14-n018us, 14-n019nr, 14-n021tu, 14-n024tx, 14-n028la, 14-n035tx, 14-n038tx, 14-n040ef, 14-n040tu, 14-n042tx, 14-n049tx, 14-n055sa, 14-n055tx, 14-n056sa, 14-n059tx, 14-n060tx, 14-n061tx, 14-n073ca, 14-n075tx, 15-n001sr, 15-n002ej, 15-n002sr, 15-n003sr, 15-n004ej, 15-n004sr, 15-n005sr, 15-n006sr, 15-n007sr, 15-n008sr, 15-n009sr, 15-n010sr, 15-n011sr, 15-n013er, 15-n023sy, 15-n025sr, 15-n026er, 15-n026sr, 15-n027er, 15-n027sr, 15-n028er, 15-n028sr, 15-n029er, 15-n029sr, 15-n030er, 15-n030sr, 15-n031er, 15-n031sr, 15-n032er, 15-n032sr, 15-n033er, 15-n033sr, 15-n034er, 15-n034sr, 15-n035er, 15-n035sr, 15-n038er, 15-n038sr, 15-n042sl, 15-n048nr, 15-n048sr, 15-n050sr, 15-n051sr, 15-n052sr, 15-n053sr, 15-n054sr, 15-n055er, 15-n055sr, 15-n056er, 15-n056sr, 15-n057sr, 15-n059sr, 15-n060er, 15-n060sr, 15-n061sr, 15-n062sr, 15-n063sr, 15-n064sr, 15-n065sr, 15-n066sr, 15-n067sr, 15-n068sr, 15-n069sr, 15-n070sr, 15-n071sr, 15-n072sr, 15-n073sr, 15-n075er, 15-n078er, 15-n078sr, 15-n079er, 15-n079sr, 15-n080er, 15-n080sr, 15-n080sw, 15-n081er, 15-n081sr, 15-n083sr, 15-n087er, 15-n087sr, 15-n088er, 15-n088sr, 15-n089er, 15-n089sr, 15-n090er, 15-n090sr, 15-n091er, 15-n091sr, 15-n092er, 15-n093er, 15-n093sr, 15-n094er, 15-n095er, 15-n095sr, 15-n201sr, 15-n201tu
Model Name LI-4590D
Number Of Cells 6
Capacity 2200 mAh
Battery Type Li-ion
Battery Life Up to 3 hours
Color Black
Model Id LI-4590D


Charging Time Up to 2 hours
Voltage 14.8 V
Electric Energy 32.56 Wh